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Step 1: The declarant receives information of` the foreigner's temporary residence. 

Step 2: To declare and submit the temporary residence declaration form to  public security agencies of  communes, wards or township or police station in localities (hereinafter referred to as the commune-level police) where such accommodation establishments are located (declared information on foreigners’ temporary residence can be sent to commune-level police via fax or by telephone in advance). 

The officer on duty at the commune-level police station receives dossiers to check the eligibility and declared information:

If the declaration form is appropriately completed, it shall be imported and certified according to regulations;

If the declaration form is not sufficient, declarant is required to amend and supplement the form.

Step 3: The temporary residence declarant shall immediately receive back the temporary residence declaration form certified by the officer on duty of the commune-level police station. 

- Application submission: To submit the declared form directly in person at the commune-level police station.  

- Composition, number of dossiers:

+ A dossier comprises 01 declaration form of temporary residence for foreigners (form NA17).

+ Number of dossiers: 01 (one).

- Processing time: 24 hours/07 days. 

- Subjects of administrative procedures:

Temporary residence declarants prescribed in Article 3, Circular No. 53/2016/TT-BCA dated December 28th, 2016 of the Minister of Public Security on declaring and receiving temporary residence information of foreigners in Vietnam.

 - Competent Authorities: Commune-level police

- Results of administrative procedures: The temporary residence declaration form is certified by the police and the declared temporary residence information is recorded in the watch book of the commune-level police station. 

- Fees (if any): Free. 

- Name of application form (if any): Declaration Form for foreigners’ temporary residence (Form NA17 issued together with Circular No. 04/2015 / TT-BCA of the Ministry of Public Security, dated January 5th, 2015).  

Requirements and conditions for administrative procedures (if any):

The temporary residence declarant shall submit such declarations within 12 hours or within 24 hours for remote and isolated areas, after the foreigners arrive  to register their temporary residence.

- Legal basis of administrative procedures:

+ Law on Foreigners’ Entry into, Exit from, Transit through, and Residence in Vietnam (Law No. 47/2014/QH13, dated June 16th, 2014).

+ Circular No. 53/2016 / TT-BCA of the Ministry of Public Security dated December 28th, 2016 regulating how to declare and receive information of foreigners' temporary residence in Vietnam.

+ Circular No. 04/2015 / TT-BCA of the Ministry of Public Security, dated January 5th, 2015, stipulating forms of papers related Foreigners’ Entry into, Exit from, Transit through, and Residence in Vietnam./.

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