Vietnam Immigration News


The procedures of declaration:

Step 1: The declarant accesses the web portal of Immigration Offices of provinces and centrally-run cities, where the accommodation establishment is located, for declaring temporary residence and completes the following procedures:

- Provide information on the accommodation establishment's name, type, address, phone number, email; Full name, date of birth, phone number, ID card number or Citizen ID card number or passport number to receive declaration account (only for the first time).

- Log into the web portal with the account and password provided.

Step 2: The declarant will fill in information and check the declared information of foreigners again or send the completed files conforming to the template posted on the web portal

Step 3: Press the button "Save Information" and check the declared information on the web portal. If the system confirms the receipt of information,the declaration is completed; If the system does not confirm it, repeat Step 2. 

- How to declare: To declare via the web portal: 

- Contents, number of dossiers: To fill in the required information on the web portal or the declaration form posted on the web portal, including the following information: Full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number or passport substitute number, estimated temporary residence duration of foreigners. 

- Working time : 24 hours / 07 days.    

- Subjects of application: Organizations and individuals include: 

+ Accommodation establishments are hotels.

+ For other accommodation establishments; foreigners residing in Vietnam; the person named in the house purchase / lease contract for foreigners’ long-term stay, the declarant is encouraged to complete administrative procedures via the web portal.

 - Competent authorities: Immigration Offices of provinces and centrally-run cities. 

- Results of administrative procedures: Foreigner's temporary residence information is regularly updated and stored on the web portal. 

- Fee (if any): Free. 

- Name declaration form (if any): no. 

Requirements and conditions for administrative procedures (if any): To declare immediately when a foreigner registers for temporary residence.  

- The legal basis:

+ Law on foreigners’ entry into, exit from, transit through, and residence in Vietnam dated June 26th, 2014;

+ Circular No. 53/2016 / TT-BCA of the Ministry of Public Security dated December 28th, 2016 regulating declaration and receipt of information on foreigners' temporary residence in Vietnam./.