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Question: I have received a citizen identity card replacing 9-digit identity card. How can I apply for an electronic ordinary passport ?

Answer: According to the Circular No. 73/20-21/TT-BCA dated June 29, 2021 of the Ministry of Public Security on passport forms, travel documents and related forms (came into effective from 14/02/2018) if the blank copies of old forms of passport already provided to agencies have not been fully issued, they will continue to be used. Therefore, at present, the Immigration Department still issues old-form passports. From January 1st 2022, it will be agreed to use a new passport form, including a passport with an electronic chip. Old passports issued before January 1st, 2022 are valid until the expiry date of the passport, no need to renew the passport.

Question: I work in Hanoi but have a household registration of Vinh Phuc. I would like to renew my passport, may I need to return to my hometown or may I be able to renew it at my temporary residence ? Can I send my application by post ?

Answer: According to the Law on exit and entry of Vietnamese citizens, the application for first time passport shall be submitted at the Immigration Offices of the province/city where he/she permanently/temporarily resides. In case of having a citizen identity card, it can be submitted at the Immigration Department/Division where convenient.

If passport is issued for the second time, the application can be submitted at the Immigration Division where convenient or the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Public Security.

According to regulations, Vietnamese citizens applying for a passport can make online declaration, but they need to go to the headquarters of the Immigration Offices submit documents and fees.   

Question: I had a passport but I changed my identity card into a citizen idetity card with a chip. Will this change affect my passport when applying for a visa ?

Answer: Currently there is no regulation that a citizen must change hiss/her passport when he/she changes identity card to citizen identity card with a chip. However, you should change the passport according to the new number of citizen identity card for the purpose of being convenient and consistent with all the types of documents.

Question: Some foreign students in my university would like to come to Vietnam to study Master’s Degree. Could you tell me the immigration procedures for foreign students?

Aswer: Currently, the government still has favorable conditions for foreign sutdents of Vietnamese schools and universities on the basis of ensuring epidemic prevention measures. Foreign students through their universities in Vietnam seeking approval from the People’s Committees of the centrally-run provinces and cities on the policy and medical isolation plan. Vietnam Immigration Department will consider and issue entry permit when there is approval document from the People’s Committees of the provinces and cities.

Question: I am a Vietnamese citizen who gets married with a Thai woman (registered in Vietnam). At the moment, my wife’s temporary resident card (with three-year validity) has expired. She has returned to Thailand but now she could not go back to Vietnam for 2 years due to Covid-19. Is it possible for my wife to be in the list of rescue flights for Vietnamese citizens ?

Answer: Currently, for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government of Vietnam only allows foreign investors, technical experts, skilled workers, managers and family members, pupipls, students studying in Vietnam to enter Vietnam and the People’s Committees of provinces/cities shall approve the quarantine arrangement. The Immigration Department will consider and issue visa after approval documents of the People’s Committees of provinces/cities due to the request from agencies/organizations in Vietnam.

Those who do not belong to the above-mentioned cases need approval of Working Group of 5 Ministries: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transportation).

Question: I come from South Africa and I intend to buy stocks from a company which run business in priority sector: processing forestry and fishing products. I intend to buy 40% stock of the company with the price of 3 billions VND. May I be eligible for ĐT1 visa ?

Answer: According to point c, Clause 3, Article 1 of the Law 51/2019/QH14 Amendments to a number of articles of the Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam: ĐT1 visa is issued to foreign investors in Vietnam and representatives of foreign organizations investing in Vietnam with capita from 100 billions VND or more or investing in priority sector decided by the Government. Therefore, if you invest into priority sectors and have documents proving your investment in Vietnam, you are eligible to receive ĐT1 visa.

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